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Product Launches & Brand Activations

We bring your brand to life. We ensure the consumer connects with our clients’ product on a level that matters through promotional activities that will effectively infiltrate market segments. Brand Activations and Product launches for us is about giving our clients the ideas and the platforms that are needed to showcase their products in order to propel them into the market in an effective manner.

Conference & Seminar’s

We comprehend all the intricacies involved in your Conferences and Seminars and can effectively deliver the successful exchange of information, whether it’s penetration of a new brand to potential customers, retention of old clients, workshops, annual events or just an informal gathering. We’re geared to successfully handle anything you need.

Exhibition Services, Stall Design & Fabrication

We are fully equipped and trained to design and execute effective work and provide efficient Exhibition, Stall Design & Fabrication solutions which ensure success. Our creative crew craft a layout that’s characteristic to your products, needs, concepts, budgets, etc. Our Services Include - A/C Tent Setups, Octonorm Setups, Booth and Stall Designs, Setting up Point of Displays.


Road Show

Road Show is a program comprising a series of marketing events that companies organize at multiple locations to generate interest regarding a subject that they want to promote.
It could be about new products/services targeted at customers, new investment offerings (IPO etc.) targeted at investors, new social initiatives targeted at the community and so on....

Retail Activation

Retail Marketing is comprised of the activities related to selling products directly to consumers through channels such as stores, malls, kiosks, vending machines or other fixed locations. Retail marketing also refers to the activities in place for reaching out to the retail business’s target consumers. It is a specialized area of marketing that focuses on the specific needs of the retail industry. Retail marketing uses the marketing mix to specify its products or services, pricing strategy, location and distribution points and packaging strategy. Information on a company’s retail marketing plan can be viewed within its business plan or by researching its marketing mix.

Society Activation

Society promotions are an innovative method of using product display, and other forms of promotion, in certain housing societies of a particular level which come under the desired target group for your company’s brand. A proper display unit with product ranges & varieties can be used and they can be placed inside the premises of the society where consumers can touch, feel and make use of the product as and when the situation demands.

Visual Merchandising is the activity and profession of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Visual merchandising commonly occurs in retail spaces such as retail stores and trade shows It includes :

Window Display & Store Design
Liquidation Plan
Posters & Banners
Plano gram/Shelf Strips.


We manage high quality entertainment services for our clients, both corporate and personal. Events within corporate entertainment can range from executive retreats and incentive programs to Appreciation Events. Event Sol takes pride in having the expertise needed to organize any entertainment, shows, parties, celebrations, etc. where the objective is for people to have a good time something different, fun and enjoyable to everyone involved

Wedding Planner

Entertainment & Award Nights Gallery

Birthday Parties & Anniversary


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